Thursday, January 10, 2008

Posted by Mark Brown, a member of Brand New Aspiring Writers.

A New Year's Sonnet

The days fly by
Our lives breeze away
But the future is here to stay
Yet, we have no idea why.

New Years brings us good
Time marches on, ever.
Leaving it's use to the clever
Positive for us, we hope it would.

New Year will bring us many wishes
Now that it's here, I need to sleep
Time to dream, and play very deep
And to think of many future kisses.

As I rest my head here, I behold...
My dreams, they turn into gold.


writerwoman said...

I find the last line exceptionally lovely.

Moondreamer said...

Hi Sara!

Have been meaning to get in touch and say thank you for the link to Brand New Aspiring Writers, which I joined last week ... or thought I did, can't seem to find my way back there now!

I left a message on there to tell Mark I really liked his sonnet and to say hello to everyone ... I have no idea if it worked! Got to get tea on, mutiny is brewing, but will have a go again later.


Joan Hall Hovey said...
I've posted an essay on my blog titled WRITE FOR THE SENSES, published in Byline Magazine, if you like to check it out.

Best, Joan

Kitchen worktops guy said...

What an optimistic note to end the poem on! Let's hope it's not a Midas scenario though...!