Saturday, May 5, 2007

Brand New Aspiring Writer's latest member to join is a poet who shares her work at her personal blog site titled Free Poems.

Below is an example of her fine work.

Karlov Most
Charles Bridge)

Far away and long ago,
In lifetimes lost and gone,
I left a shadow of my soul
Across the sea, upon

A bridge of soldiers, saints, and stone.
...The streets were drenched in rain.
But when I left, I left alone,
And there my soul remains.

Seagulls hovered, sparkling white,
Mid glowing mists of gold,
And hung above the yellow lights
Who lit the Bridge below.

My stomach burned in knotted pain.
My heart was beating fast.
I left upon a rolling train.
I left you in my past.

And as the wheels sped, I looked down.
I could not bear to see
The quickly disappearing town...
Forever leaving me.

And sleepless now, at night I lie,
Though years have flown away.
I can't forget you, though I try,
And in my dreams I pray

Again, one day, to dip my feet
Where winds blow black with coal -
Into the shadows in the streets,
And gather up my soul...

To stand upon the Bridge again
Beneath the Slavic sky,
And smile at you like I did then,
And watch the seagulls fly.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 22

Free Poems


writerwoman said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Anna. I feel like your poem transported me to that time and place you described. It was very vivid and full of life.


The Wandering Author said...

Whew! You made me long to go there myself. That was great!

Anna said...

Oh - thanks guys! Yes, I don't know if it is still the same as it used to be - that's the Bridge in Prague ...
nice to have the feedback.

Danica said...

People should read this.