Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brand New Aspiring Writers are honored to be hosting the Ringing of the Bards this week.

Fallen Words is the work of a yahoo writers group that is filled with novelists and poets who are striving to constantly improve their craft. We offer each other support and guidance. It's great to be able to extend that to a larger community for this week and to spread the word about poetry bloggers.

To submit to the carnival send the following information to by July 20th. The carnival post will be up on Saturday.

1. The name and URL of your blog
2. Your screen name
3. The name of your poem
4. The URL to your poem

I might make one poem out all of the submissions, if possible, by taking one line from each poem. So be aware of that when you submit. Of course, your line will be credited to you.

Thanks for taking part in this carnival.


KGT said...

Very well done. Thanks for hosting!!

Anonymous said...

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