Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Fic-Blog

Fictional Blogging, or the fic-blog, has become an interesting offshoot of blogging. Instead of blogging as yourself, you create a character and a story to blog about. You write as though YOU are the character.

I started my fic-blog, The New Years Resolution, at the end of 2006 and it will last for the whole of 2007.

The blog belongs to Lilly Edwards, a bright and cheerful girl who wants to make some changes…

Here’s her first post…

The Resolution

It's nearing the end of 2006 and I've decided I need to make a change. I'm fed up with my life the way it is. I've just split from my boyfriend, I've got a job that I hate and I'm bored out my skull.

My Boyfriend dumped me three days ago claiming it wasn't me, it was him and that he didn't feel he could be with me anymore. How lovely, huh? Bastard.
My job has to be the worst job in the world, I work in a supermarket and it does nothing with the skills I learnt at College.
My boredom stems from living in a place that has nothing to do, nothing to see and absolutely nothing appealing about it whatsoever.
So. I've decided to make a New Year's Resolution - to make something of my life. To do something BIG in 2007 and by 31st December, I'll be where I want to be and I'll be happy.

Follow my journey! Come along for the ride! Join in the fun!

And so her big adventure started….

She moved away, got herself a new job and even a new boyfriend… but it’s never as simple as that… is running away really the best option?

It’s March now, is she well on her way to getting where she wants to be? Is she happy? Read her blog to find out! It’ll be one hell of a journey!!!

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writerwoman said...

I think a fic blog is a great way to showcase your writing. I had never heard about one until I read yours. Thank you for introducing me to a new concept.

A. Writer said...

You're welcome! The fic-blog is certainly on the up and up. There are lots of good fic-blogs out there.

Blogging as a character is good fun. You get totally absorbed into their world.

It's interesting when some of the readers believe it to be real.

AquariusSal is... said...

Hey looks like you've off to a good start on your fic blog. Good job! :) I think as far as chic lit goes, this blog has got the flavour. The style of writing / voice is easy and with humour. I'm no expert with chic lit (although I thoroughly enjoy Sheila O'Flanagan, Jill Mansell, etc when I can get my hands on them), but I was wondering if you'll be adding any dramatic twist to the fic blog (nearly all chic lit I've read so far has a 'lowest point' in the protagonist's life, before she re-emerges through it all, a Goddess triumphant!). Have you got a twist in mind?